Please change your bookmarks!


If you’re using the antiquated link, you probably have noticed that it hasn’t been updated in a long while. That’s because we’re up and flying at the BADNEWSPAPER.COM address, and have been for years. This site hasn’t been updated in over SIX YEARS. So you should go visit

Thanks for visiting Criggo, have a great day!

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Please change your bookmarks!

Please change your bookmarks/favorites to show the NEW link at will not be updated now! Thanks.

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Criggo ARCHIVE ( now active

The Criggo Archive is now on-line. If you want to see articles and your comments from last month (and before), you need to go to the Archive:

Thanks for visiting Criggo – and when you visit the Criggo Archive, you’re helping keep Criggo alive!

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